Saturday, August 17, 2019

"The Trail To Yesterday" (1918) - Restoration Teaser

The restoration of this silent era film; "The Trail To Yesterday" (1918) is currently in development by digital filmmaker Bart Santello and Psychotropic Films LLC.

This 'teaser' was made to serve the purpose of demonstrating the success to date of the restoration process; convey a sense of mystery behind this western's melodrama; and provide credits and production information to collaborators, historians and film preservationists that are currently, or may in the future provide assistance in this digital restoration.

  The Trail to Yesterday (1918) - Restoration Teaser from Psychotropic Films on Vimeo.
I was able to locate the only known surviving nitrate print of this film.  It was discovered at the eyeFILM Museum in The Netherlands.  This was the Dutch distributed version that survived and was re-titled at the time as "The Revenge of Dacota"

The motivation for this restoration and preservation project is the fact that this movie was filmed in Arivaca, Arizona, the town where the filmmaker leading this restoration resides.  There will also be an accompanying documentary film produced that will cover all aspects of this film's discovery, restoration, history of The Trail to Yesterday's filming in area, the history of Arivaca, Arizona at the time of the filming in 1918.

Restorer and Filmmaker:  Bart Santello (
Production Company:       Psychotropic Films LLC (
Donations to the project:

Based on a novel by Charles Alden Seltzer (1913)
Production Company:  Metro Pictures Corporation
Director:  Edwin Carewe
Scenerio: June Mathis
Camera: Robert S. Kurrle

Dakota: Bert Lytell
Sheila:  Anna Q. Nilsson
Duncan: Harry S. Northrup
Ben Doubler: John A. Smiley
Langford:  Ernest Maupin

Friday, August 16, 2019

Production, Cast & Crew

I created this graphic from a frame in the film.  I was making a presentation book about the film for a conference I was planning to attend.  It's a first-glance introduction to the framework of the production.  The background image from the film help shape the perspective of the genre.