Monday, September 7, 2020

Restoration of Split-Frame Scene

This is a restoration example of a very short scene from the continuing restoration of The Trail to Yesterday being conducted by Bart Santello and Psychotropic Films LLC. 

Due to deterioration of sprocket holes in this 100-year old Nitrate print, mis-alignment during the digital scan resulted in a split frame sequence.

Before the restoration could begin, each frame of the scene was digitally realigned in Davinci Resolve (video editor). 

The first pass of the restoration used software by Algosoft-Tech (VIVA), that processes each DPX frame using artificial intelligence and neural network technology. Then the result was put back into Davinci Resolve Studio for manual restoration to clean up any remaining artifacts. 

I started with this very short scene in order to develop a process for other scenes in the film with a similar split-frame issue.

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