Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Challenging Scene Restoration


This is a restoration example of a very short scene (16-frames, approximately 1-second of film) from the continuing restoration of The Trail to Yesterday being conducted by Bart Santello and Psychotropic Films LLC. 

As you can see from 'as-scanned' not restored footage (left frame), this sequence of frames was damaged and degraded resulting in 'jittering' of the frame as it indexed through the scanner.  And as you watch the sequence it looks like there are some missing frames (jump-ahead).

In this case the each frame of the DPX sequence was first manually realigned in DaVinci Resolve prior to use of automatic processing software - VIVA by Algosoft-Tech, that processes each DPX frame using artificial intelligence and neural network technology to clean and restore.  Several passes with adjusted setting were employed using VIVA to ensure a deep clean (dust busting and Luminance correction).

Any remaining artifacts were manually removed in DaVinci Resolve along with final stabilization.  Again, the result was excellent compared to the original nitrate footage scan. 

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